How do we write great codes ?? – First Iteration –

September 8, 2010

How do you write a great codes ? or
How do you start messing up and getting your hand dirty with programming ?
How to learn more about SDK, or API’s ??

The scope of all this question is huge. In fact, there could be more
than a single method in accomplishing all the listed goals, in question form.

Consider a situation where we want to create a program in an embedded system for a robot to cook a sunny side up eggy. We usually write an
instruction like this:

1. Get a frying pan
2. Put some oil
3. Heat the pan.
4. Crack the egg
5. Leave it on the pan for 4 minutes,
6. Grab a plate and place the egg on the plate

————— viola ——————————–

Do you think this is enough for a robot to fry an egg for humans, even the smart R2D2 need more than this to accomplish simple task. The fact to the matter is, it need more elaborate instruction. This is why human is non comparable to computer. In order to answer the first question is, how do you write a great codes ??

My method: Problem solving happens in your brain, not in an IDE, or MS Words word processor, or even in text editor. Get a pencil and paper, start designing your methods to overcome the problem, if it is based on design, start mocking up with pencil, get it tune up with inkscape.
Remember tools is just and aid to help us, creativity comes from the wet ware.

Hey, I got something to ask in return, can anybody here write a semi pseudo instruction for a robot to fry a sunny side up ?

Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir dan Batin


FreeBSD related stuff, not really under the hood stuff !!!

August 17, 2010

What is the best way of learning to adapt to *NIX based Operating System ?
The answer to this question is, from my point of view, to just roll up your sleeve
and pop in the iso image and start installing it from scratch on your machine, be
it if you accidently formatted your windows partition, or you lost your entire drive
data. Basically at first things might get a little bit frustrating, but those frustrating
moment, if aided with the right problem solving skills can be cure easily.

Few tips on how to get around those bits of technical stuff when you first stumble
upon “/dev”, “rc.conf” and a whole lot more new concept:

1. RTM. (#man man)
Typing man as a habit will be the first step in feeling at home in *NIX environment.

2. Documentation
FreeBSD Handbook is a very good guide in getting started with FreeBSD

Dude, since this is a verb, then DO IT!!!! But too bad if you only had a single machine
in front of you

HTML 5 !!!

August 17, 2010

Having fun with HTML 5 && CSS 3 !!!!


April 28, 2010

This is a second try on blogging from textmate

Chrome Extension

April 28, 2010

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Updates on my lovely deamons_box

April 25, 2008

After switching to FreeBSD not so long time ago. I can feel the love between the owner of the PC’s

and OS growing up. I just love to make it , make clean it and maintain it. I spend time reading around the

doc last night about compiling the kernel for sound driver, but come up with much more simpler solution

with kldload snd. So I load all the driver and retrieve my on board driver type, it was nforce chipset by

nividia. I’m quite happy, thanks to my room mate, friends, mentor Sam Ng for introduce to FreeBSD. He keep

mentioned about FreeBSD until I said to my self, ok let’s try FreeBSD, trust me at first it was hard, all is there

was CLI, and no x start by default. I spend my time reading the manual and came across with the ultimate

guide book from Greg Lehey, The Complete FreeBSD, Documentation From The Source. I feel this book really

help me. Trust me, all you need is the FreeBSD handbook which cost you no little than an internet connection

to download it, and if you hand extra money in the pocket, grab the book that I mentioned previously,

although the publication date is in 2003 and cover FreeBSD released 5.0, it do help me a lot, not to

mentioned the author himself, Greg Lehey was one of the contributor in FreeBSD Doc, Tools Of Trade Section.

I shall review completely about the book, in my next post.

This week problem….

April 24, 2008

This week, while killing times at the bus stop, I came across with an idea.

After I managed to solve one ACM programming competition question,

I went to find another problem, just to keep me thinking of another problem,

that not related to my very own problem. So here I am, with a problem when you

watch philosopher and intelligent people dining at the table.

Dining philosophers problem

Dining philosophers problem

Yes, this is yet another computer science problem. So while at the bus

stop waiting for the bus and wishing for awek cun to appear and I can

“kacau” I think for the solutions, but I found out that the solutions is,

the philosopher’s need to talk to each other…

Muahahahah… Ok, I shou


think about the solutions now, but guys,

You can google this problem, there is a solutions on the net,

provided from truly beautiful mind of earth communities.